Single reviews – Spotlight Kid, Skint and Demoralised

Spotlight Kid – Plans come apart

Some superb shoegaze from Nottingham borne Spotlight kid, with three members boasting credentials from fantastic bands (Six by Seven, Bent, Echoboy). This, of course, sounds nothing like their previous bands, so what you get is a punky stargazing song with the minimal requirements of shoegaze covered and then some extra punch (that drumming, oh man) added. This dreamy gem (love how Katty Heath‘s voice is like a lull in the distance) is the first single of their upcoming album, although, if you are hungry for more, you can nab a free track from them here.

Skint and Demoralised – The Lonely Hearts of England / 43 Degrees.

Matt Abbott got himself a full band and comes back fighting with this double single, full of his witty lyrics and pop sensibilities, a taster to his new album, This Sporting Life, coming up later in the year. ‘The lonely Hearts of England’ is like a little Irish ditty, filled with Abbott’s wordy platitudes full of day-to-day observations, with the theme being loneliness, whether due to romance or growing old.

Now, ’43 degrees’ is less pacey, being slightly more of a moody piece that at times rises into an optimistic (but cautious) note, like the indecisive steps you take after tumbling down. It’s a change from what Skint & Demoralised used to be and instead of declamations with music, it’s more a sung delivery. It’s a good change.

Words: Sam.


Spotlight Kid: Twitter. Myspace. Facebook. Website. Soundcloud.

Skint and Demoralised Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Spotify. Bandcamp. Youtube. Soundcloud.

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