B, DB, D and three kicks.

Stream – Asleep

Sucker Punch‘s Official Soundtrack was a real sucker punch to left you breathless (in a good sense, like a friendly haymaker).

Some months ago I  received the OST of Sucker Punch and I really loved it, so I will talk about it. I may say I liked the movie but the thing that cautivated me the most was precisely the soundtrack. Since I heard it in the movie I just got caught in its groove.

Well then, the matter with this album was that once I listened to it, I realised that  ‘Sweet Dreams’ wasn’t the only cover. All 9 songs from it are covers, with two original extra-songs. One of them is ‘Panic Switch’ (performed by Silversun Pickups) which I like a lot, too. The other is ‘The Crablouse’ by Lords of Acid. I personally haven’t heard them before, maybe because they do not exactly perform the kind of music I really like. However, even if the music is too electronic for my ear, there are some elements that make the song bearable for me and even kind of likeable, such as some piano sequences, laser sounds and the vocals.

Speaking of vocals, I sensed something sweet in all the songs, but also something overcoming; you know, like the two sides of a woman, sweet but strong in anxiety and in fear, with the necessary guts to make it. I think this is one of the ideas behind this movie: to show the strength of women. Nevertheless, without the soundtrack, that goal couldn’t have been achieved only with the movie.

Going deeper, I believe it was a good idea to keep Björk’s voice and just make a remix version of her song ‘Army of me’. I do not know if it was for copyright or what but it was a good decision because Björk represents all that I was talking about before. Then Skunk Anansie covering Iggy Pop and the Stooges made a well link between Punk and Post-Punk, demonstrating both styles are not against each other but related. Of course,  Iggy is a great figure but Skin [Deborah Dyer, Skunk Anansie‘s vocals] has a great voice  so she wins!

There is something else that surprised me a lot when I listened to the soundtrack, yes, you guessed it: Emily Browning singing. She showed us a very beautiful, sweet and peaceful voice. I can not say if she sings well or not because technology nowadays can make anyone a good singer, but she sounds terrific covering these songs, especially  “Asleep”.

And last but not least, ‘Armageddon’. Never in my life did I imagine a Queen’s song would sound great as a hip hop tune! I really loved it, and I normally hate hip hop so that means I am either going crazy or it is a good version.

On the other hand, not everything is perfect, right? So there is one song that, well, it is not that I didn’t like it but I actually prefer the original version. I am talking about ‘Where is my mind?’ This song’s chaotic when performed by The Pixies (good!), but in this case, performed Yoav‘s version becomes lethargic and kind of boring. Ah, whatever, it is not really bad.

As a conclusion, I’d dare to say that the creators of the original versions would be or are pleased with the versions released for Sucker Punch‘s soundtrack. Don’t you think?

Words : LalaUsagi

2 thoughts on “B, DB, D and three kicks.

  1. Me gustó la manera en la que escribes, sin embargo, no he escuchado el soundtrack… tarea pendiente para hacer más sentido, felicidades amiga!!!

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