Cats:for:Peru for breakfast

So, it’s Friday and the issue of the day is which seat in the car will you occupy. Well, your mind also filters out all those #FF on Twitter and ponders about how to dodge those questions by supervisors/bosses/micromanagers/armed kebab sellers.

But also, shouldn’t you worry about the music you will listen during the weekend? Let us recommend you a band called Cats:For:Peru. I’ll let my cohort Tonan (she of great musical taste) explain why:

Ever changing rhythm, style, flawless and heartfelt vocals with a chorus that reminds you of the sound of wills united; impeccable and creative sounds that would lead you to emotional rollercoaster and look toward the future, the sky and a hilly landscape.

When 5 talents with well defined personalities gather and make music, the result is called Cats:For:Peru, and no gender is enough to tag them, but ‘eclectic’ as they go from rock, pop to strident guitar cries or to lead you softly to the dance floor or to decode the sounds of sad moments and memories. I better define Cats:For:Peru‘s music following the principle of quilt-making, where every memory is interrupted by another one, and manage to be perfectly defined in a square.

Cats:For:Peru released ‘Attack of the Pitching Machine’ in 2009 and attacked one more time in 2010 with their ‘We had this problem last Winter’ EP (please, check the song ‘Duck in the Oven’!).

We got an eclectically talented band to create a new universe full of sounds to explore and discover. I definitely recommend Cats:For:Peru : one song will be enough to like them, and two to love them.

So, there you go. Check Cats:For:Peru at any of these links:

Website. Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Free tracks. Spotify.

Yeah, we’ve done this before. No, we don’t get any money (they won’t even hug us nor return our calls…). Booyah, and now, your breakfast:

Words: Tonan, Sam.

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