Modern nostalgia

First of all, I wish I had a sound house as well.

After reading this title that would indeed evoke some trauma and a wish upon a star for a sound world, I find an EP with 3 tracks of a rather interesting length (having 5:19 mins. as the shortest track), which will refrain the thought of we-want-more-tracks-now, as length and quality become a good trade-off.

This is a story under a city context, where most human beings lose their human quality and sometimes fall into the ‘unmensch’ condition. This is a story told from the eyes and senses of a melancholic viola (Terry Murphy), violin (Hannah Morgan), bass (Joe Bartlett), drums (Omar Rahwangi), guitar (Adam Stark and Simon Stark), and electronic effects (for a better involvement into this landscape).

This is Rumour Cubes, a band living in a city breathing out its history and representing proudly what “graceful aging” means to the foreign eye (London, that is), and delivers soft and rough atmospheres, combined through the best of classical instruments and electronic resources, as to present the melancholic look to the past and the tear of our present, which finally explodes in our minds through an instrumental energy display.

I couldn’t agree more with the title of the first song, ‘The University is a Factory’, where my first impression was hearing chords weeping softly, then complemented by the comprehensive cry of an electronic guitar; it’s the same pain through different frequencies. The bass line comes to provide depth to the structure of this house, giving room quietly to drums as to enter into the 3rd dimension of this world. Industrial times, sour times, all in perfect and scrupulous order in a relentless wonder, until the rage comes forth and provides a second powerful part, like driving at full speed. I must say this: brutal drumming!

‘Rain on Titan’ gives the introductory duties to drums. As the song develops, guitar and chords incorporate to the statement, each instrument knowing their time and space accurately, navigating downwards into the scale and going all for the earth-sky balance, with nostalgia produced by the roots we all hold. Again, excellent drumming and bass lines, since they become the perfect catalyst of the most primary feelings.

The 3rd and final piece from the band’s repertoire can be better described through the motion of waves: always constant, treacherous, and wise. This track means astray to me, like knowing our destiny in advance but still trying hard to fight against the tide. Slow motion, an infinite dive through the dark and unknown sea of our lives. The song is ‘At Sea’.

As conclusion, Rumour Cubes is a perfect synergy of classical chords floating into ‘modern’ sounds of guitar, bass, drums, and atmospheres that bring out loud a message of nostalgia, and perfect timing to unfold our primal feelings. As there’s a beginning, there’s also an end.

Kudos to all band members for giving good lessons of what merging with an instrument of our choice means.

Words: Tonan

Links: Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Myspace. Soundcloud.

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