Cheap as chips for seagulls

A while ago we went and posted a very embarrassing-to -ead piece about Matthew P‘s ‘The Breakfast Song’,  a cool song with a video describing that old tradition of going to a supermarket and buying something to cure that hangover. No idea if it involves fighting the cyclops-like security guard that follows you to every aisle because the paranoid rentacop mofo thinks you’re gonna steal everything.

Anyways, it turns out that Matthew P is offering for the princely sum of zero pounds (which is, like, 6000 pesos or so) the entire Breakfast EP. Not only does it contain that happy go lucky ditty ‘The breakfast song’ (which just needs a little whistling to make it even better), but it also comes with 3 more songs, which might not be completely cheery but won’t turn you into a gloomy Gus either.

‘Rolling on’ is an easy going groove (with a dog barking), the bluesy but playful guitar is uplifting and it’s the earworm of the EP, feeling almost like a folk song from yore. ‘Downtown’ is slightly slower, but not morose, with a cool instrumental bit that sort of changes the feel of the song (not jarringly, though). It’s more serious, perhaps even frowny-frown but still a good one. The change in dynamics is what probably sells the song.

‘Medicine’ is a gloomier moment, though. Finger picked and with a more serious vocal delivery, it’s the opposite end of the spectrum for Matthew P. It’s okay, all sunny days have a few spots blemishing it, like an unexpected rain washing away the ants nicking your picnic, a dog stealing your Dalek collectible toys or an office co-worker nicking your Pepsi. Still, you could’ve gotten food poisoning from the picnic, the Dalek toy was devalued thanks to eBay and Pepsi rots your teeth, so, a silver lining, eh? Love the string section of the song, it’s sweet times and a heckuva of an EP closer. Sure, bit of a downer, but can’t appreciate happiness without sorrow.

So, free EP (either from Soundcloud or Facebook). Can’t go wrong with a few acoustic guitar ditties and ”Medicine’ is really, really good, possibly my fave from this EP.

Words: Sam.

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About the author: Still looking for Thom Yorke at the supermarket. Maybe he’s creeping about in the fair trade section? Goddamned vegan…

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