March of the Bunnies

Elika – Snuggle Bunnies

Stream – ‘The Darkside’

At a first glance, Elika‘s album Snuggle Bunnies (I must say I loved the album title too) is made up from electric sounds, interesting and natural singing, experimental music notes that would bring me back to the 90s electricity fuelled music.

This album comes as a method to unveil the capacities of electronic resources, as to create ambient songs, sounds of wind and electrons making their way to be the moving energy of objects, just as our soul feeds our body.

10 electronic tracks that won’t repeat the assets they use and go beyond the organic paradigm, mixing the feeling a female voice can deliver (Evagelia Maravelias), sometimes echoed with asymmetry processed, and powerful sentences that remind me of the sound of Engineering: creating magic through engines, reels, screws, flexometers and complex mechanisms.

The 10 souls we have this time begin their powerful and nostalgic sentence with ‘Summer’.  The lyrics are really something to pay attention to: a broken heart, as the void we create in our chest when something is missing.

‘Snuggle Bunnies’ include 3 instrumental tracks (‘Stand Still’, ‘Less than Greek’ and ‘Polynya’, each less than 3 minutes in length), that become the wildcard of our thoughts, as the other tracks can really turn our heads to the message conveyed. The axis becomes now a compass card guided by the magnetism from our own minds. These songs would perfectly be the soundtrack of a movie, no changes required.

In the middle of circumferences, conduction, and volts in perfect harmony there’s the sound of a guitar and it is located at track No. 3: ‘Death and Avalanches’. It really knows how to do its thing: a basic and sweet guitar riff parallel to echoed vocals that are incidentally complemented by bells, as the sensation of our ears waking up with the first light of the morning.

Every song presents so varied layouts of buildings up in the sky. I dare to say this album deals with business from up above, that is, from our subconscious. These thoughts go through my head as the fourth track develops, ‘The Dark Side’. This song presents dreamy and shoegaze sounds, like the ones that surrounded my childhood.

Right in the middle we get a turn called ‘Seam’. Maybe it’s because of the way music descends in the chorus, or plays ups and downs with discrete voice acrobatics, but this will really be the moment when we float on space.

‘Near you’ delivers standard sounds that finally dare to break their own cycle and go mad. I really like this twist.

The next song: ‘All the people mourning’; like the smell of funeral candles, steps of mourners entering a church, as denial and a frustrating wait to wake up from the nightmare. This is not only limited to physical loss, but emotional as well. The sudden combinations of sharp and strong sounds finally build a distorted perception.

The last ascent is ‘Tidal Wave’. This tricky song conveys a more organic sense at the beginning, but again dares to play with our expectations right in the middle, as it explodes and then cools down its own feelings (no thoughts expressed, but 100% emotions driven). All resources consolidate into one distorted sound that fades away and leaves a “to be continued” note in our ears.

The concept of “time relativity” finds one of its several checks through this album: it goes so easily as water through your hands, and definitely leaves you asking for more. Congratulations to Evagelia Maravelias and Brian Wenckebach, as they’re also a living proof of what going beyond is and creativity means.

You have your assets, but how far would you dare to go beyond?

Words : Tonan


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