Shameless self-promotion

So, you might have heard that we organised a gig a fortnight ago. There was laughter, there were crazy drum rolls, there was many a drink to be quaffed, there were cases of tinnitus, but above all, there was ample talent on stage.

We had some debate (I think we had, it’s all blurry now) about whether a self-review would be ok or a conflict of interests. As this debate actually never happened and as our point of view would’ve been biased, we’ll leave you with a bunch of slightly messy photographs. Except the ones by Javier, those are cool.

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So thanks again to Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident. See you all soon, yes?

Goodbye Good

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Myspace Facebook

The Unfortunate Incident

Facebook. Myspace.

One thought on “Shameless self-promotion

  1. Awesome Possum.

    Great Night.. seems Jonny Sock enjoyed it a little more than others.

    Keep up the good work Sloucherers.

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