In Memoriam – Elisabeth Sladen

Photo from BBC - No infringement intended

It’s hard to take that someone who was part of your childhood is gone.

I grew up watching Doctor Who in Mexico and the first episodes we got where the ones with Tom Baker, Sarah Jane and Harry. I remember the first episode I watched was when I was 5 and had a fever, it was The Brain of Morbius and was super trippy and fun to watch with my brothers.

Lis Sladen was possibly the most recognisable companion for a big while, as the biggest audiences were during the years she was onboard (both with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker). So much was her place with the public that her return in the newer series of Doctor Who was so well received it got her a spin off show, the entertaining Sarah Jane Adventures. 

Can’t possibly say anything else besides a massive thanks for all the great adventures (both the scary and funny ones), the rapid-fire banter (especially with Tom Baker) and the countless cliffhangers where she was in danger just to be rescued at the last minute (Seeds of Doom – boom!)

See you on the other side, thanks for all the memories, it’s a great character in a show that defines a big part of who a lot of us are.

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