Synths and slider rulers

Metamusic – World to come

Stream – ‘Finem Respice’

Dreamy and punchy. That’s the first two adjectives I could muster up when I heard Metamusic’s début EP World to come, mixing math rock with some cool electronic bits.

Made of 6 user-friendly songs, the groovy ditties of Metamusic use the tropes of math rock (strange time signatures, an expansive guitar sound) but add to the mix a lot of electronica and synth stuff. It’s an interesting mixture.

‘World to come’ shows exactly where the band is coming from. With some glitchy voice samples added and some good old instrument magic, the song grows, expands and shrinks for a few moments, letting you catch your breath (with a few chords sneaking by) and before you think the song will go for a coda, it gallantly let’s ‘Little short of being’ pass and take the limelight.

Again, a little noisy glitch (sounds like Kaoss pad in action, but could be wrong about this) is sampled a few times while the very dreamy song goes for a stroll before exploding. It’s a pretty song to listen to, and again, if math rock is your thing, this is a treat. With not a scream on sight, the band still is loud but never saturated nor overbearing.

‘The callow and the shallow’ is very playful, really like the piano and the drumming in this one, which, incidentally, is the song that sold me Metamusic. It sounds fresh, full of emotion and although the voice sounds a little detached, it adds to the otherworldliness of it all.

‘Northwest Skyline’ is a sucker punch of a song. It starts a little garage-like but then takes the veil away and shows you another sunny ditty, with chances of the garage style popping its head like a thunderstorm (or a bunch of ants ruining your picnic – pricks!).

‘Finem respice’ makes me want to tap my foot to it repeatedly, not much else I can say about it without repeating any previous statements of how enjoyable (and sunny!) is this band. The change of pace in the last third is excellent. “Would you pile it on your coffin / In order for us to last?”, a question that leads to the final breakdown of the song. “Can we have some more?” is my retort.

Like previously stated, the mixing of two genres make up for a cool cocktail and the best song the band could’ve chosen for an EP closer is ‘Everyvolcaniccloudhasasilverlining’, a song that starts with a droning voice sample that serves as a foundation for Metamusic to do their stuff, slowly building up the pace until reaching a great pace and then letting it all go loose. The ending is chaotic and satisfying, with a little bit of longing in every note being played, really enjoy the little arpeggios mixing with the bass.

If you like your music to be very lively and playful with it’s pace, check Metamusic, there’s quite a few cool ideas being mixed here and you could find some interesting stuff in the midst of it all.


PS: Their label, Superstar Destroyer Records, were kind enough to donate a song. You can download it in today’s Paving Stones column.


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