Attack of the Epley

The Life & Times – Day II B/w Day III

Stream – Day II

Stream – Day III

The Life and Times delivers this time a magic and introspective EP with two tracks, which is enough to keep their fans completely delusional. This band is fortunate enough to count with 3 brilliant minds that really know how to give these twists to a song and keep us scratching our heads, always reinventing themselves through new sounds and experiences, like a hit to our schemes.

‘II’ is a quiet track at a start, creating a soft atmosphere with clouds of sound developed through two notes and echoes. Chris Metcalf brings motion to the sky with a powerful and somewhat simple drum line encompassed with bass and guitar riffs that keep a soft and restrained statement to give wings to the strange two-note sound that, in the words of Sam, it’s the magic Allen Epley brings to The Life and Times. Vocals are echoed and pronounce only one phrase through the whole song; the message can’t be understood, but hey! Don’t ask and just take off.

‘III’ gives the reason number-I-don’t-remember-what why I think The Life and Times are out of this world: it presents with acoustic guitars the riff I’ve always loved and complements with sharp distortions and cymbals that raise their hands through timely participations, as the “period” to the statement. An unpredictable, almost acoustic guitar embedded on the utmost of electronic resources (not overuse at all), and offers the right place to strong guitar distortions that could sabotage the happiness of this picture, a counter-position. The middle of the song provides a sound of cellos while Allen Epley says ‘the history will eat itself’. An apocalyptic song between a dream of golden sunlight and strong winds that bring grey clouds to the momentum.

Words: Tonan


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