Wild Palms – Delight in Temptation (single)

Wild Palms – Delight in Temptation

This band can’t refrain our amazement capacity with every new delivery, and now it’s time for the one called ‘Delight in Temptation’. It’s a wise continuity to the dreamy atmosphere achieved in previous tracks and through an intense wall of electric guitar sounds, which encompasses a wide range of riffs and fully integrates the sounds of an ethereal landscape, becoming yet another layer that covers the foundations of the song made of drums, which brings up the sounds expected on pursuit scene, the bass line pursuing. Vocals are the perfect complement to the whole layered scene, since it plays a balancing role in the middle of reality and dream.

The B side, to this surreal landscape is ‘Delight in Tempation (The Haxan Cloak Remix)’, an Ambient Remix of the song that brings forth the vocals and formulates echoes around it, making it the main subject of this piece. The result is a song that emulates the sounds we perceive when falling asleep.It’s a short B-Side, only 3.33, but it’s more than enough to let the main song flow into the universe our subconscious can create for us.

Words: Tonan.


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