Terse memories of spring

Sun Kil Moon – I’ll be there

The skinny : Mark Kozelek, the master of great covers.

The review proper: 3 covers from very different artists and an alternate take.

Stream – ‘I’ll be there’

I remember seeing Mr. Kozelek in Manchester in 2009. The scar of Michael Jackson‘s death was still fresh and when he played a cover of ‘I’ll be there’, I was breathless. I texted my friends in Mexico afterwards. I’m happy to see (hear, in correct terms) that not only does this beautiful cover is here (and is also the namesake of the EP), but also, that it’s still as powerful as the one I heard that evening in August.

There are two other covers. ‘Tomorrow is already here’, originally by Stereolab, becomes a very playful, cheery tune. Can’t imagine Mark Kozelek not sporting a wry grin while playing this classic song. Afterwards, a very short and sweet cover of Casiotone for the painfully alone’s ‘Natural light’ is masterfully crafted. Again, it’s playful but you do get the longing in Mark Kozelek’s consistently good voice.

I’ve saved any comments about the opening track, an alternate take of ‘Third and Seneca‘ (from the wonderful Admiral Fell Promises). There’s not much difference, but it feels much better. Clocking 7:40 minutes, the song never feels slow and Kozelek‘s masterful guitar skills (including some flamenco tricks) are excellent, bar none.

I’ll be there is short and sweet, just Mark Kozelek, a guitar and his beautiful voice.



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