Live Wire – Heebie Jeebies, Bromheads and Hiem

The night started with the Heebie Jeebies, a trio with a very energetic show. After handing out freen cans (yay!) of Carlsberg (oops!), they went into their set and played to all their skills and tried to get everyone to join in their fun. Del (bass) played and worked over the frets, Thomas worked the skins in any rhythm he damned pleased and Owen strummed, danced and sang. Problem is, you couldn’t really listen to their stuff as the audio was a little dodgy. They sure did their best on stage for their fans.

Bromheads take the stage and start with the peppy little ditty ‘Magic Number’, which gives the queue to a couple in the front to dance. They still keep dancing a few tunes later and goes with the old school rock and roll feeling of Bromheads’ music.

I was glad to listen to ‘Edey’ and ‘Hole in my head’ and hear how they’ve evolved since their release as free singles last year. Live music always evolves and that’s always the beauty of it. Also, three new songs, all pretty rocking, were roadtested. No idea what the names were, but one was about money, one was about a girl called Gretchen and the last of the new ones was dedicated to Jack Black (and his pick of destiny). They close the set with their rocking cover of ‘Boots’. A few feedbacks did happen and Tim’s voice got lost a few times, so the set wasn’t without tech glitches.

Then it was the turn for Hiem and this is when it really went bad. After their first song, some technical snag delayed the whole proceedings for 5 minutes (probably more) and once it seemed to be working, they soldiered through, trying their best, but again, the sound was working against them and they had to call it an early ending, closing with ‘Tweak’. Shame, as it sounded as something cool, but it has to be really disheartening for a band to try to get to their audience when the audio is not really working for them.

In the end, it wasn’t the bands fault the audience was a little disappointed. I’m 50% 50% with the sound of the Foundry, sometimes it’s pretty cool and sometimes it really lets down. This sadly was the case.

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