The Sunday Soapbox – TV and Advertisement

For being such a quiet weekend many noises invade my mind and keep me at unease and alert. It’s so hard to watch TV when it has become so aggressive and companies don’t ask you anymore to please come and buy something, but order! How dare…?

As I turn off the TV after 15 minutes of “order now!”, “buy now!”, “you must have it!” I decided I had enough and one thought kept steady on my mind: the thought of youth cult. Oh, yes! The past week I experienced a spill of bad words and bad fantasies involving invasion with molotov bombs at someone’s corporate offices (but again, it’s just fantasy) just because I was too old to take part of something I’m fan of since my teens; one year more it’s not the same as one year less, my dear.

There are so many unfair things in this world but aging shouln’t be one of them, mostly when this sort of discrimination comes from certain and well know broadcasting companies promoting “universal” values as “Tolerance”, “Equality”, “say no to Racism”, “be green”, but then say in small letters: “Oh! You’re too old to take part of our contests!”

Who cares about their silly contests?, but wouldn’t you think is this “discrimination”? In a world so full of “musts” such as “you must look like”,  “you must be like” “you must be young enough to…” it’s hard to find individualism and self-expression, or even winning tickets to go to one of your favorite artist’s gigs.

I also got the random sensation that I was overreacting when I found out about the requisites to fulfill and take part of a contest to win tickets for a concert by a famous American band coming to Mexico City, since rights and tickets (and souvenirs too, I’m afraid) where all taken by a famous music TV channel), however, I suddenly had this sparkling phrase in my lips: “this is how it all starts!”

Again, in a world so full of Internet we have now the possibility to express our deepest and sincere “sentiments” or just tell people to go to hell (even to famous people and companies) all from your lovely home, office, etc., and actually I did send some tweets to that famous TV channel and to the band’s vocalist. I didn’t get any response obviously, at least there’s a message on their database reading someone’s not happy at all.

There will always be unfair things, there will always be discrimination. The truth for me is no one deserves to be discriminated. There’s a whole lot of institutions, agencies that supposedly regulate operations by important companies like this one I’m referring to, but what’s the point of yelling to the wind your company is different, that you really care about what people think, and that love reincarnates even in every pencil that you use to make stupid sketches promoting your so different mindset, but when it comes to facts this is nothing but disappointment. Who cares about the “time vortex” anyway when anorexia is the new beauty and there are patterns to fulfill?

It’s been a while since I stopped believing in mainstream stuff and rejoice myself with independent stuff, movies, music. I even read books! Why? Because I don’t like being bossed around; plus, media is no longer TV or radio broadcast through conventional channels and companies. Luckily for us there are other options to look at, music goes beyond those channels we all know but, why reading books or checking the last album by that indie band a friend played for you when you have to go the mall and buy the latest anti-wrinkles cream? Life’s short and you must worry about what matters.

These requisites as “not if you’re over 25” can really put someone down. It’s not age, it’s not race, it’s just messing around with one’s perception. Once a famous songwriter and guitarist said that all musicians and artists in general must find their prime until their 40’s, because it’s when life has been lived, many challenges have been surpassed and lessons have been learnt; it’s when an artist, an individual, has really something to talk about, something smart and mature. It’s not that I agree 100% with this, being young is hard too, but why always emphasizing that young, slim and dumb is good when life’s good at any of its seasons?

No matter how old we are, no matter how rotten this society and its media are, as long as there’s a good and minimum intention to make this place better, starting for oneself, there will be always a difference (“… but the absolute luck is love is in our hearts” Paul Weller). Speak up if you don’t like what you see.

Words: Tonan.

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Soapbox – TV and Advertisement

  1. I still can’t get over the fact! why make it age restrict? That’s plain daft!

    There’s quite a few Mexican fans of the lovely Smashing Pumpkins that are OVER 25 and would like to watch them too grrrr

    C’mon, Smashing… play another date :D

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