Tramlines (what it was and what will be)

Nicked from official site. Sorry.

Can’t say I’m not excited for Tramlines. Last year’s edition was a total blast and this year’s is mammoth-sized and chock full of bands (maybe too many, but the beauty is in the variety, so scratch what I just said).

What was so great about last year? Well, besides finally getting to see the 80’s matchbox b-line disaster , I managed to get to know a bunch of great bands (like La Folie, Bromheads) and find the wonderful concatenation that is called a Pimm’s Lemonade (disclaimer: something in this last sentence was paid advertisement).

This year’s line-up has some fantastic stuff and this humble website blog will be covering as much as they can with their intrepid reporters Sam (he weights twice of a normal human being, no way he’s one person) & Orestes (back from the dead. Allegedly). We’ll be covering bands like The Hope Explosion, Wet Nuns, Plush and Plastix, Viole(n)t May, Fa Lolie (!), The Loud, ObLONG, Bromheads, The Twilight Sad, Smokers Die Younger, Cats:For:Peru, Retro Soup Lenders in the Temple and Jebus and his Prius hotrod knows what else.

So, without any further ado, a few pics from last year’s Tramlines.

Now, amongst the barrage of bands this year, we’ll be trying to cover quite a few, some of them you can see in the following videos (apologies in advance for the crap sound on them, as the camera is giving up the ghost):

The Hope Explosion

The Unfortunate Incident


Now, if the venue list at the official Tramlines is a little hard to navigate for you (or if you’re just plain lazy like me), then maybe this small list with all the addresses and venues can be helpful for you. Feel free to download it and print it. There might be a typo here and there, though, but just tryin’ to help.

Download the Venue list with address (Excel 2003).

Download the Whole artist + venue list, separated by day (Excel 2003).

Ahoy and enjoy the concert.

Big Love


Co-editor, head honcho and Gran Quesote.

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