obLONG’s rope a dope (pt 2)

obLONG at South by South Yorkshire (O2 Academy)

After a quick detour to take a gander at the Art Crawl event, I moseyed down to the O2 Academy for the South by South Yorkshire event and catch obLONG playing live.

There were other bands playing that night (Serious Sam Barrett, The Crookes, Standard Fare and Grammatics) but due to health issues I couldn’t stay.

ObLong quietly took the stage. They looked nesh for a moment. And then they let it rip. In a set that went around like a rollercoaster for 30 minutes (or so), the band pretty much showed that they have the chops to go for the reputation they’ve been getting for intense live shows.

On the flip side, the guitar of Steve Genn was a little drowned. No worries, as he made up in energy , moving from side to side of the stage and doing the spot of shouting whenever the songs required it. John Smith (drums) and Hugh Ruiz (bass) rhythm section intertwined perfectly, keeping the mood elevated and Tracy Deakin’s voice is a calling card for the band. Of the songs I know, I recognised ‘Words’ and ‘I am the noise’ (the perfect set closer).

Gig review & pics: —Sam

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Gallery of obLONG’s set at O2 Academy.

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