News: Interpol

Interpol – ‘Lights’:

The ever mysterious Interpol are stirring in the depths of some dark music studio somewhere, casually sticking their heads out of the sand to post new track Lights’ on their website, only to disappear off the face of the earth, driving fans crazy with curiosity in a teaser campaign which seems almost cruel to those of us who have been waiting (with baited breath) for a new release since 2007.

There has, of course, been some hoo-ha about ‘what the new album is going to sound like’ with drummer Sam Fogarino telling some hip, vomitous music rag that it will be a return to the sound of ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ and singer Paul Banks retorting that it will sound completely different to the band’s debut album, with grand orchestrations and slick production. Hmm…as long as it gets released soon, I probably won’t care either way.


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