Reviews – Bromheads @ DQ

I guess it was a needed break. Some ol’ school rock after that debacle that I had to review the other day.

Call it music therapy if you need a buzz word!

Anyways, I was hanging out with Humberto and Orestes, those Mexican alcohol fiends, at DQ. Needed the extra help in case I wanted to binge into alcopops. The fog machine smelt like a rank, abandoned basement (“We need odour-eaters, stat!”) and the usual crowd at DQ (well-dressed) was the minority.

Time passed and the feeling was more of restlessness than anything else. I had to review another gig the same night, but couldn’t make it (although I heard it was good, shame!). It was a little after 11:30 pm that the mostly old-school rock that was blowing out the speakers was replaced by a rumble.

That trepidation was courtesy of Lenders in the Temple, the side project for Little Ze’s Mike Hughes and Bromhead’s Tim Hampton. There are some nice tinges of psychedelia in the music that was exudating. ‘On a loop’ sounded like the perfect soundtrack for a mangy bar where Henry Chinaski would meet loose women, with not very hilarious consequences (for him, anyways). ‘Black lies’ was the introspective moment, a huff and puff of fresh air before going back to the noise (and samples of political speeches).

It only took a few songs to win me over and the sound was pretty good, every note being expelled from the stage and taken in by the audience. Heck, I haven’t heard such psychedelic sounds since that time I ransacked my uncle Ramón’s stash of magic mushrooms and zoned out with Hawkwind (or was it Quatermass?).

After a mesmerising (but paltry) 20 minutes*, they left, leaving the audience wanting more (c’mon, release a physical copy already!!!).

Another interval of old rock tunes followed and someone who resembled Dan (drummer for Bromheads) seemed to be doing the bathroom boogie a few times. Eh, the pre-gig anxiety, I guess.

A few minutes after midnight and Bromheads took the stage. It was a joy to hear ‘Edey‘ (the third of the six free songs they are lashing out on the unsuspecting public) live, as well as the new song, ‘Dedicated‘, getting its debut. A few old classics were also taken out for a spin (‘Trip to the golden arches‘ if I’m not mistaken).

There might have been a little mistiming during ‘Magic Number‘, but hey, we’ve all been attacked by the Lager Banshee before, innit? And it’s better to see a musician skip a beat than having to listen through an inorganic, preprogrammed synth taking away all the chaotic nature that lies in the ocean we call music.

Closing with a one-two punch of ‘Boots‘ (pogo time!) and ‘Hole in my head‘ (shredding time with the beautiful POG!!) were the two hard rockin’ cherries to a top notch musical evening.

A final note: at sometime during the performance, Tim Hampton said “It’s nice to see that people still will pay to see a guitar show” (or something of that nature) when seeing how the place was pretty packed. You keep playing like this, the punters will continue to flow.


If this concert was a David Bowie song it would be: I took a trip on an Orange Rocker head**.

Check out the gallery for this gig (sorry for the quality, tech problems):

*It felt like 20 minutes. Time flies when you are surrounded by proper music.

**Although Orestes said “The pretty things are going to DQ” was a better one. That pervy cow.

2 thoughts on “Reviews – Bromheads @ DQ

    1. Hi, thanks for reading and commenting!

      I’ve checked today and yes, Sam got that one wrong. To be fair to him, he was reading all day in the library (he’s pretending to do a PhD) so he was bound to get a few mistakes on the way.

      Besides, I think his brain was blown out by Lenders…

      Quinto (co-editor)

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