Single reviews – 1

Reviewed by: Sam.

Codeine Velvet Club – I am the resurrection

Results may vary. It depends on how much you are addicted (or not) to original version by Stone Roses. As a cover version it works, as CVC just reshapes it into its image (60s british pop, where’s the flowers, yo?). A decent interpretation of the solo too, so again, it depends how much you like a cover version. As for me, it’s pretty much a very good reworking and deserves a bronze star. 7/10

Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi

It would’ve been easier to just keep the Sigur Rós moniker for this. The slow beginning yields into a very happy, uncharacteristic mix of various instruments which, let’s face it, it’s a nice change of pace and hopefully this solo album will give the Sigur Rós frontman some space to breathe and flex those creative muscles that felt a bit strained on his last group efforts. A tad too happy, but, hey, what’s wrong with that? 7/10

The Smashing Pumpkins  – A song for a son

After many a delay, speculation and just plain madness, the first of 44 free songs arrives to the Superinformation Highway. Branded already as “Stairway to Heaven 2” (which is either a very cheap shot or a backhanded compliment), the song might go into Led Zeppelin sensibilities, mixing some Santana and maybe just some Eagles.

But then again, Billy Corgan always loved the sounds of the seventies and the delicate production of the piece (courtesy of all around nice guy Kerry Brown) makes it sound spacey, amazing and simply rocking (they recorded on tape = HARDCORE!!!!).

Some of the lyrics might be strange (space invaders?) but taking lyrics literally can always lead to misunderstandings. As it is right now, it’s a cracking song, it sports a sweet solo and it’s mind-numbingly free (no email lists, yay!!!). The drums are a little buried, but it might have been intentional. Might.  9/10

Bromheads – Edey

The garage rockers (and all around top fellas) from Bromheads drop another free song on us, unsuspecting people who in this sea of protools and autotunes look for musicians who actually, you know, play some music. With a very infectious hook (“she’s so pretty, oh, she’s so pretty”) and enough “sha la la lalas” to make a pub tremble in fear (inside joke, sorry), this is the Bromheads at their rocking best. 8/10

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