Interview – Louise Distras

Hailing from Wakefield, Louise Distras used to play in The Blockades, a hard punching outfit. Then the went solo. We did have a previous interview but it went off date and re-did the whole thing. Just because. Also because she was heavily armed. But seriously, she’s been doing loads of stuff, armed with only a guitar and a powerful voice.

Without any further ado, here’s the q and a with Ms. Distras. Enjoy!

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Interview – Skint + Demoralised

Skint + Demoralised

I meet Matt Abbott at a small, comfy pub in Wakefield on one very cold day back in November. It was a strange experience. Not because of him (he’s a top fella), but because one of his singles was the first I reviewed here in England. I guess life is just like that.

This interview was supposed to go earlier, but life has a strange way of messing with your plans, so in advance, a sincere apology to Matt Abbott, the voice and soul of Skint + Demoralised. For what it’s worth, it was a very nice conversation and, for his age, he does know his music.

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