Review: Ultimate Painting – Dusk

  I keep mistyping their name as “Intimate Painting”. It’s a Freudian slip, really. Dusk is the third Ultimate Painting, a well-oiled psychedelic folk machine made up from Jack Cooper and James Hoare . Both come from severely underrated bands, Mazes and Veronica Falls. What first brought me into their world is how their writing styles melted together. Ultimate Painting had enough distorted moments to jolt you from your zoning out, but then you could float back into … Continue reading Review: Ultimate Painting – Dusk

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Blessa, Fear of Men & Veronica Falls at The Harley


It doesn’t get much better than this, a trio of great bands, presented in the stage that occupies the funky joint called The Harley. Three bands playing music from genres that will not cater for a crisp, clear cut sound, but an expansive sound with heavy brushings of reverb, fuzz and overdrive. Continue reading “Blessa, Fear of Men & Veronica Falls at The Harley”