Interview – The Wooden Birds

Photo by Alicia Vega

We love music, that’s a fact. We also like music with a lot of heart in it and The Wooden Birds fill the bill perfectly. So when the opportunity arose to interview them, we gladly went for it!

We’ve previously reviewed their fantastic new album, Two Matchsticks and Mr. Andrew Kenny was kind enough to answer some questions regarding the current workings in The Wooden Birds machine of musical camaraderie.

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Wake up to… The Wooden Birds

Hailing from that melting pot called Austin (believe you me, it’s gosh darned hot there!), The Wooden Birds are an amazing band, having in their current roster the talents of Matt Pond, Andrew Kenny, Leslie Sisson and Sean Haskins. Currently on tour, the band has just released a new album, called Two Matchsticks and wouldn’t you know? It rocks. Also, there’s a video for the … Continue reading Wake up to… The Wooden Birds

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Worth thousand in the sky

The Wooden Birds – Two matchsticks

A flawless rhythm and inviting voices to a world made of perfect chemistry and understanding among the members of a band. That makes me wonder if only the real world could be like that…

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