Tour diary – Firesuite


It doesn’t matter what age you were when you saw it, if you are musically inclined or dabble into music journalism/blogging, Almost Famous probably stroke a chord with you.

At least it did with me.

So, for a long time, I really wanted to go on tour with a band. Previous attempts fizzled due to:

A) Bands splitting

B) Bands going broke before tour even has started

C) Bands not inviting me to go on tour with them (understandable)

D) Bands thinking I wouldn’t write about them after going on tour (unforgivable)

Thankfully, the very lovely people of Firesuite thought it would be nice to invite me to their minitour in February. Sadly, PhD stuff got in the way, so I only attended three out of the five dates. So much for goals…


Anyways, here’s a write-up of how it all go. Sure, it was a few months ago but we all had to decide how to present this. Sarah (guitar, vocals) and Christopher Anderson (guitar, vocals) chime in with their experiences: Continue reading “Tour diary – Firesuite”