Songs for Jane Howden

They said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but considering how some people avoid paying them, I’m no longer sure about taxes. But, yeah, we will all leave this mortal coil, one day. What’s never certain is what we can do with our time on this greeny Earth. I never had the honour of meeting Jane Howden, but the amount of people her life changed is flabbergasting.  Continue reading “Songs for Jane Howden”

Review: Mudcats Blues Trio & Tom Attah @ The Riverside

It was pretty much the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. It was the Riverside, brimming with people and pints of Kraken Ale flowing, while DJs played blues and Martin Bedford sold some of his classic posters (while also peddling some of the music that was going to be released that night). It was Mudcats Blues Trio launch night for their album, The Tesla Sessions. It was a … Continue reading Review: Mudcats Blues Trio & Tom Attah @ The Riverside

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