Lost gems: The Pale Pacific – Rules are predictable

It’s an interesting moment when The Pale Pacific‘s EP, Rules are predictable, stops. The thought of “what did I just listen to?” floats around in your head. Not because of them being overtly experimental guys with masks playing 5/4 signatures with lyrics about Picasso fighting Lavoisier, but because of the genres the band tackles. Continue reading “Lost gems: The Pale Pacific – Rules are predictable”

Interview – The Pale Pacific

The Pale Pacific. Source:Myspace

The story has been the same for several of my favourite bands: the discount bin. Not because they aren’t good bands, but a certain major chain of stores in Mexico insists on not knowing what gems they have and eventually put a lot of great stuff at very low prices. Which means me and one of my best friends can go and blow our budgets on wonderful music. One of the recommendations from this friend (thanks, Emilio) was a band called The Pale Pacific. 

I got Rules are predictable and listened to it with my dad while on the car back from the work. We both loved the EP and talked a few times about this sort of music and the bands and sometimes wondered what made them tick.

Couple of years later and some emailing afterwards, we managed to have a Q & A with Greg Swinehart (drums, backing vocals, stylish clothes) as the news of The Pale Pacific recording new stuff made us all giddy. So, get your dream pop drinks ready and read on… Continue reading “Interview – The Pale Pacific”