Gig Review: The National @ The O2, London, 26/11/2014

Tonight was a special night for The National. It was the culmination of two years worth of touring on their Trouble Will Find Me LP, which has seen them play across the globe to thousands and thousands of adoring fans. The National are not a stadium band. They write music which works its way into your life in a slow, unobtrusive way, the very definition of … Continue reading Gig Review: The National @ The O2, London, 26/11/2014

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The Underdogs of 2010

You know? The other day one of our writer’s got called “whiny Klosterman-wannabe” [sic] on Facebook, and frankly, we laughed at him/her.

But then we looked in the mirror, took a deep breath and accepted our condition as social misfits/outcasts. So we stopped writing and went off to save the universe.

Afterwards, it did. I mean, we remembered we had to put this last (it is THE last, we promise) list.

So without any further ado, here’s our choice of underdogs of 2010. With Spotify links (when available)!

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