Blinded by the lights

The Last Harbour – Lights EP

The skinny: A song that could’ve been a single, in very good company.

The review proper: The moody band, The Last Harbour, releases ‘Lights’ with some great b-sides (and an alternate take) less than a year after  Volo hit the shelves.

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Interview – The Last Harbour

The Last Harbour

Here’s a song for your reading experience…

The Last Harbour are a musical collective from all around England, but based in Manchester. Their music veers from the overdramatic (can’t go wrong with that) to that unnamed feeling between sorrow and longing. I’ve been a fan for a while and after being thrown into a train by Nat Johnson & The Figureheads (due to a interview that went awry), I arrived to Manchester Picadilly Station. I then got a lift from two little goblins that befriended me in the concourse and they drive me to a placed called Sandbar in Grosvenor street

There, a man completely dressed in black and nurturing a pale beer and a copy of The Guardian sat. I recognised him as Kevin Craig from The Last Harbour and sat in front of him in order to have a chat …

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