30 days, 30 bands – #22 The Death Rays of Ardilla

True story: I was at Bungalows and Bears, on a Saturday night. A lady in a yellow shirt comes to me and asks me about the previous bands that were playing at that Rough Shag night. She then asked about Death Rays of Ardilla.  “Who are that band with the weird name? How are they live?” “Uh…they are loud, and… dunno, aggressive but cool!”  “So what do they … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #22 The Death Rays of Ardilla

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Podcast : Tramlines 2013 mix

It’s once more the time where Sheffield throws the house out of the window (i.e. going all out for the win, spare no expense, etc) and assembles some mighty musicians to do their magic for the pleasure of the honourable guest, the audience.

With the cornucopia of bands on display, you could struggle to choose where to start. Fret not! We have been going through the lists, times and received plenty of bribes to bring you this lil’ mix. 20 songs. 20 bands. 5 blocks of 4 bands who go quite well together.

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