The future is so fuzzy I gotta wear shades

Avenue Q @ Sheffield Lyceum

It’s funny how the Muppets are still relevant to generations that never saw them on television prime time, but that know who they are whether due to repeats, several films of varying quality and the odd tribute (Weezer‘s magnificent video) or flippant parody (Family Guy springs to mind, putting Kermit as a racist or Cookie Monster as a junkie).

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Review – The Woman in Black @ The Lyceum

The Woman in Black ( 26/February/2010 )

The curtain goes away and the audience goes quiet. A very shy man called Arthur Kipps (Robert Demerger) starts telling a story, in a monotone drone that might give you the idea of getting a refund.

But it’s all misdirection. Remember this, because The Woman in Black is all about misdirection.

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