Review – Later…Without Jools Holland (Low Duo, David J. Roch, Pete David, See Emily Play)


The Sheffield music aficionados are restless. The tickets say 7pm, they’ve loaded up on pints of Thornbridge’s finest, and they want in. The Greystones’ staff apologise: the bands aren’t ready yet. An awkward queue forms along the bar; the audience has false-started, but nevertheless will stake its individual claims to the best seats inside The Backroom. Continue reading “Review – Later…Without Jools Holland (Low Duo, David J. Roch, Pete David, See Emily Play)”

Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)

Tramlines 2012. It was a long experience as somehow I thought I could manage to get as many bands as I could if I did half-sets.

I probably shouldn’t plan gig attendances while surrounded by chemicals in the analytical lab.

In the spirit of inside jokes (I.e. the quest of the perfect name for a label), here’s my caffeine-fuelled review. Continue reading “Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)”

Interview – See Emily Play

A coach station is not the usual place where we conduct our interviews, but luck and last minute plans had it that the interview with Emily Ireland from See Emily Play would be conducted in a small café by the coach rank. While the busy coach bays transported back and forth a myriad of people we would never talk to, we talk about her upcoming gig (Sunday 20th, Library Theatre, Sheffield), her new ep, Four feet from the door, Pink Floyd and Superhero names.

It’s all related. Honest.  Continue reading “Interview – See Emily Play”