Tramlines 2010 – Saturday

Saturday 24: Pata de Perro (Sheffield Alabama Death March).

Day started out nicely with the Bromheads‘ flashmob in front of the Student Union of the University of Sheffield. A sparse but eager crowd was there, told by organisers that as soon as the band started playing, they had to freeze in position, with poses as silly as they could muster to keep for 2 minutes.

The song played was ‘Friends’ (the very one they played when they got chased out of the City Library twice in April). Afterwards it was time to take the Busker Bus, which arrived not late not early, but exactly when it was expected to arrive. After cramming everyone inside, the band haphazardly started to play ‘Friends’ again.

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In retrospective – Art Sheffield 2010

Editors’ note:

Well, it’s the end of this ambitious (and successful) city-wide event and although we were a little quiet about the whole thing for a while (stupid dissertations…), we took several tips to the venues (including the Art Crawl – a testimonial on Thursday) and we all ended up disagreeing in what is “art” and what is a haphazardly collected gathering of charity shop leftovers sticked together with Pritt Stick. But then again, art is always subjective. Without any further ado, here’s a short looking back we cajoled our “lowest in the food chain” writer to do. -M & Q.

Museums Sheffield: Millenium Gallery (Surrey Street)

Courtesy of Art Sheffield.

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