The Best 65 albums of 2012

Oh, dear, this one will hurt…

2012 was a weird year. Short story made long then made short again (via RARzilla), the website was abandoned for a PhD that’s geared into its final year. Having written 300 reviews last year (give or take a few), it was hard to narrow it down to less than a 100, so here are the best 65 albums I heard last year.


1) The album must have been heard at least 5 times.

2) A review is a plus, but sometimes time was not available.

3) Overhyped albums are a no.

There will be a list of Best EPs tomorrow. And now, in the tradition of odd choices of background colours for Excel worksheets, here’s my list, in true Excel format. I’d like to apologise in advance to your retinas. Continue reading “The Best 65 albums of 2012”