Lost notes – 2

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Lost Notes – 2.

When I was 13, I had an accident.

I was in a big school. 3 floors, 12 big classrooms in each high rise floor. We had three playgrounds. One was a grassy soccer field, one was a gravel and tarmac triangle-shaped area with basketball courts and volleyball fields and the third one was a low playground made from concrete steps, like the ones a giant would find a good cardio exercise. This patio had a few lonely trees in square-shaped concrete pots.

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Lost notes – 1

No need to power the rumour mill The secret died with the first indiscreet glancing A special smile that pierces through the clouds in my head Is the square meal that the beggar dreams of When the day ends and you look at the climb back home You know that I will always carry you in my heart When the sighing that indicates the start … Continue reading Lost notes – 1

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