Looking back at … Pearl Jam – Vs.


I think it was the combination of three things what made me want to pick up Pearl Jam‘s Vs. from an aisle at that department store called Palacio de Hierro Durango in 1994. Continue reading “Looking back at … Pearl Jam – Vs.”

Lost gems: Neil Young’s Mirrorball

“There’s a place called Downtown / Where the hippies all go / And they dance the charleston / And they do the limbo / Yeah the hippies all go there / ‘Cause they want to be seen”

Stream – ‘Throw your hatred down’

Continue reading “Lost gems: Neil Young’s Mirrorball”

Review – Pearl Jam “Backspacer”

Whoa, didn’t see that coming. Or maybe I did. We all did. Pearl Jam decide to make a very furious and generally mixed comeback. “Backspacer” starts with a triple combo (punch, kick, uppercut!) which although is musically energetic, the lyric sustenance is a bit on the diet side. To make my point clearer: the music is quite right (“Got some” is an instant anthem), but … Continue reading Review – Pearl Jam “Backspacer”

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