Interview – The Twilight Sad

One of our all time fave bands is The Twilight Sad. Between the great lyrical work and an ever evolving sound that mutates from release to release, it’s like finding the right author and relishing on the books released, each one brimming with atmosphere and strong emotions.  Continue reading “Interview – The Twilight Sad”

The Twilight Sad – No one can ever know

The always evolving beast that is The Twilight Sad show their true colours once again. A reinvention of sorts while still maintaining that very raw emotion on top of the wave of notes and noises. The album (out on FatCat Recirds, Feb. 6) is No one can ever know and although guitars haven’t been chucked like a spent bottle of Buckfast, there is an emphasis on synths. Continue reading “The Twilight Sad – No one can ever know”