Best albums of 2014

  Ahoy there! We have another one of them fancy lists for your reading pleasure. Since everyone and their mothers (and farmers’ mothers) have a “best of” list by now, we asked our readers and collaborators for their choices. Some heard the call and voraciously, viciously and vividly described what they enjoyed (or not – more on that later) in this year of our Lord … Continue reading Best albums of 2014

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Interview: National Skyline

Well, colour me surprised, because one of my fave musicians of all time, Jeff Garber, kindly agreed for this interview. I grew up listening to many of the bands he performed but my clear fave has always been National Skyline. After a bit of radio silence, National Skyline came back with Love Letters for the Disenchanted, an album we absolutely adored. Naturally, we had to … Continue reading Interview: National Skyline

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Review – National Skyline – Love letters for the disenchanted

Editorial Update: We now have an interview with Mr. Garber. Read it here. I loved the many lives of Jeff Garber. Castor, Year of the Rabbit, The Joy Circuit and of course, National Skyline. After a serious streak of music for MTV and films, National Skyline perfected in Love letters for the disenchanted their pop sensibilities without losing that elegant panache that they’ve treated us … Continue reading Review – National Skyline – Love letters for the disenchanted

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Looking back at … The Joy Circuit

The Joy Circuit

There are times when your sanity is put to test because you say you like bands that no one else knows. Are you crazy? Are you making that band up because you feel alone in this world? If you knew who The Joy Circuit was, I can assure you this: you’re not alone or crazy, that band did exist.

It’s like witnessing the presence of a ghost whenever you go searching for this band in the Internet, there’s almost nothing said about them. Maybe it’s because Mr. Jeff Garber (TJC’s vocalist & guitarist, also from Castor, National Skyline and Year of the Rabbit. That’s a CV.) is not that into Internet stuff.

Continue reading “Looking back at … The Joy Circuit”