Bands to look for at SXSW 2013


Ahoy there! We are a broke, skint and demoralised, so we won’t make it to SXSW 2013 in Austin, home to the second best chili con carne I’ve had in my life (1st was in Arkansas, thanks for asking).

It matters not, here’s a list of bands we heartily recommend you do check at the festival. Why 42? Because I miss Douglas Adams, that’s why. Don’t forget to take a towel. All bands organised by date. Venues were correct at time of printing (I nicked the info from the official SXSW page). Continue reading “Bands to look for at SXSW 2013”

Interview – Murder By Death

Murder by Death are a terrific band from Indiana, USA, who specialise in a species of alt-country with some cinematic undertones. All their albums are dense, dripping with atmosphere and most them have an unifying narrative (The Devil in Mexico, Weird Western, etc). We got out resident freak/spammer Sam to send them an email filled with questions, as he became a fan since he reviewed their recent album, Good Morning Magpie and worked his way through the band’s back catalogue…

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The Underdogs of 2010

You know? The other day one of our writer’s got called “whiny Klosterman-wannabe” [sic] on Facebook, and frankly, we laughed at him/her.

But then we looked in the mirror, took a deep breath and accepted our condition as social misfits/outcasts. So we stopped writing and went off to save the universe.

Afterwards, it did. I mean, we remembered we had to put this last (it is THE last, we promise) list.

So without any further ado, here’s our choice of underdogs of 2010. With Spotify links (when available)!

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Dry country bootleggers

Murder by Death – Good Morning, Magpie

The skinny: alt-country. Or something like that. With atmospheric stuff from time to time.

The review proper: Yee-haw. At least for the first two songs, the album feels like a good throwback to the glory days of alt-country (although we might still be on them, y’dig?). Then on track three, ‘On the dark street below’, a couple of disco-style drum shapes are thrown in the mix.

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