30 Bands, 30 Days – #2 Firesuite

“So, why ‘beat combo’?”  “Chris thought it was a funny way to describe ourselves. Maybe the joke got lost somewhere…” Of all the adjectives I could throw to Firesuite (and I’ve thrown quite a few praising them…), I never quite understood the “beat combo” thing, but I assumed it was an oblique joke, a Family Guy-grade cutaway joke that might or might not be self-deprecating. But that’s where … Continue reading 30 Bands, 30 Days – #2 Firesuite

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30 Bands, 30 Days – #1 Cats:For:Peru

Well, it’s been seven years of writing, promoting and ranting about bands we enjoy at this Shithole of a Website (TM) and to celebrate, this time around I thought I could talk about 30 Sheffield bands that struck a chord. Why Sheffield? Because it’s where I finally decided to go solo with this writing stuff. I used to write before, but not too consistently, and … Continue reading 30 Bands, 30 Days – #1 Cats:For:Peru

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Looking back at … Pearl Jam – Vs.


I think it was the combination of three things what made me want to pick up Pearl Jam‘s Vs. from an aisle at that department store called Palacio de Hierro Durango in 1994. Continue reading “Looking back at … Pearl Jam – Vs.”

Looking back at… Soundgarden – Superunknown


Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.
— Homer Simpson, “Homerpalooza”

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Amongst marbles and memories


I arrived and the city was alone, I mean alone, alone.  Like that intimacy of a static shock, that emerges from the centre of silence to the very tip of each hair on the body.  Like when you touch the cold toe of your father to realize that he is dead.  No turning back, his first day as a dead person. Continue reading “Amongst marbles and memories”

The Great Dust Bowl

This story was written to this tune, Counting Crows’ ‘Sullivan Street’

It was October 1994 and I was walking down that dusty little hill in my high school. I usually walked to the beat of whatever I managed to cram on those TDK 90 audio cassettes, but I was running out of money paying for batteries, so the walkman stayed at home. No worries, my memory is quite good and remembering the lyrics while walking to the tune in my head is always a good exercise in memory.

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