Lost Gems: Faith No More – King for a day, fool for a lifetime

From time to time, we like to talk about albums that time has forgotten about. Lost Gems is a column dedicated to albums that were overlooked in their time or simply don’t get that much press today, and we think it’s a damn shame. This time around, we invited Simon Roberts (Morricone Dancehall, The Farewell State, The Letter) to write about a sweet little topaz called King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime. Continue reading “Lost Gems: Faith No More – King for a day, fool for a lifetime”

Lost gems: The Pale Pacific – Rules are predictable

It’s an interesting moment when The Pale Pacific‘s EP, Rules are predictable, stops. The thought of “what did I just listen to?” floats around in your head. Not because of them being overtly experimental guys with masks playing 5/4 signatures with lyrics about Picasso fighting Lavoisier, but because of the genres the band tackles. Continue reading “Lost gems: The Pale Pacific – Rules are predictable”

Lost gems: Neil Young’s Mirrorball

“There’s a place called Downtown / Where the hippies all go / And they dance the charleston / And they do the limbo / Yeah the hippies all go there / ‘Cause they want to be seen”

Stream – ‘Throw your hatred down’

Continue reading “Lost gems: Neil Young’s Mirrorball”