Interview – Gazelle

Absinthe Blind. We haven’t reviewed this band properly (something is in the backburner – stay tuned), but suffice to say, it’s one of my fave bands of all time. I actually listened to them for the first time a year ago and I got hooked entirely. They are connected to another of my all time fave bands, Headlights (also writing something about them…) and thanks to the magic of twitter, I got in touch with Adam Fein, ex-singer of Absinthe Blind and now one half of Gazelle (the other half is Mr. Jeff Dimpsey of National Skyline and Hum fame).

We reviewed Gazelle’s album a while ago and we just had to get in touch with Mr. Fein for  a few questions regarding the past and the future… Continue reading “Interview – Gazelle”

The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above

1994. A typical coffee shop in Seattle, Washington has four friends in the table looking like the world has crushed them. In way, it has. One of them is the lead guitarist of a highly successful band that’s in a the midst of a lawsuit with Ticketmaster. Another one is a blues bassist who met the guitarist while in rehab. The drummer is a junkie for multiculturalism and Zen. The singer has been through hell and back, several times, battling inner demons but always able to draw a wry smile on demand. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above”

Patti Smith and her Band Manchester Academy 07/09/2012

Personal Reflections.

It’s 10:26 pm and a 65 year old mother of two, who is also a widow, has been on the stage for an hour and a half. The Academy is steaming hot. Patti Smith has taken her jacket off. Running her hands through her hair she smiles, her eyes twinkle, “ I haven’t finished with you yet “ she declares and launches into ‘Rock and Roll Nigger’. Continue reading “Patti Smith and her Band Manchester Academy 07/09/2012”

Interview : Cobra-fist

Image: Glenn Miller (check his work on our webcomic!)

Picture this: a warm, sunny September afternoon and you are just walking on Ecclesall Road and all of a sudden you look at the trees and yell “Hey! Is that a ninja up there?!?!?!”. You thought you saw three ninjas (with the only difference being they got palette-swapped) but now they are not there…they are.. behind you! But they are friendly ninjas, and they just saved you from a Samurai (stupid tachi-wielding melonfarmers).

We thank the trio. They call themselves Cobra-fist. The name’s origin, a mystery. The trio’s identity, an even bigger mystery. We notice they have musical instruments. One of them introduces himself as Myth and we thought it was a good idea to interview them… Continue reading “Interview : Cobra-fist”