The Lost Gem: Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies

“We always wanted to do different things, we don’t want to make big waves doing it and lose people in the process, so we just put it in the stores, We didn’t really advertise it, and it was like something out for the real fans who were out looking out for it to find that’s what Jar of Flies was kinda to us, something for the fans … Continue reading The Lost Gem: Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies

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The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above

1994. A typical coffee shop in Seattle, Washington has four friends in the table looking like the world has crushed them. In way, it has. One of them is the lead guitarist of a highly successful band that’s in a the midst of a lawsuit with Ticketmaster. Another one is a blues bassist who met the guitarist while in rehab. The drummer is a junkie for multiculturalism and Zen. The singer has been through hell and back, several times, battling inner demons but always able to draw a wry smile on demand. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above”

In Memory of Layne Staley

Today is the tenth anniversary of Layne Staley‘s passing. It’s a strange thing, seeing how any comments & writings about the Grunge movement/era seems to focus mostly on Kurt Cobain and his passing, but never in the importance of Alice in Chains.  From a personal point, the music of Alice in Chains spoke to me in ways that Nirvana never did. More importantly, the voice of Layne was the voice of a generation fraught with fear, … Continue reading In Memory of Layne Staley

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