Friends of Friends – Five minutes with Vetiver

Photo by Alissa Anderson

Sloucher’s PM was lucky enough to catch up with Vetiver brainbox/band leader Andy Cabic after the band’s recent gig in Brighton (here’s a shameless plug for our review). The band is touring to support the release of new record The Errant Charm, which has already scored the accolade of ‘Best summer album of 2011’ in the Sloucher offices. Check it!
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By the Rolling Sea

 Live review: Vetiver @ Komedia, Brighton, 28.06.11
Supported by: Chris T-T, Marques Toliver

Vetiver’s Andy Cabic @ Big Sur, 2011

This unreliable ‘reporter’ (of sorts) will have to hold my hands up and apologise because I managed to miss the first support act of the evening, Chris T-T, whilst I was grappling with the public transport systems in Brighton. Sorry Chris!

However I did make it to Komedia in time to see the second support act, Marques Toliver who is originally from New York but is now based in London. Toliver has an incredible, soulful voice with a huge vocal range. He plays charmingly honest lo-fi songs, using only his voice and a violin/glockenspiel, and at points comes down off the stage to sing and play without mics. Toliver has an engaging personality, but mostly it’s his expressive voice that has won over the audience this evening.
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July Rain

Laura Veirs and The Hall of Flames @ Komedia, Brighton 15.08.10
                                       Support: Karl Blau, Led To Sea

Laura Veirs’ latest album ‘July Flame’ was described by Colin Meloy as “The best album of 2010” and if you’ve already heard this delicate and pensive record from the unique singer-songwriter, then it’s not hard to see why.

I was lucky enough to see Laura Veirs sometime around 2006/7 (I forget!) where she was touring solo, just one woman and her guitar, and I came away feeling light-headed with joy. Consequently I had high expectations for the new tour where I would be able to hear the songs that I’ve grown to love in plump, plush sound played by the entire band.
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