Assignment #23 : The House Party

“I grew up watching all these videos of house parties” says Migraine Boy, between sips of Indio beer “and I always wanted to have my own behemoth house party were things get broken, music is performed and every one ends up demolished.” The warm August trashes a few solo cups. Mixed with the gust of wind is the smell of weed, tobacco and a the … Continue reading Assignment #23 : The House Party

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A fine day at Aquí No Hubo Escena

“The woodsie lord knew the foolsie manbeings held gatherings// the folly of the sneaksies n th’ lightnies cometh// for green outlives us in the end.” – Unknown. It’s been a while since I’ve ventured into the dark world of small festivals, so when the opportunity arose to flex out the reviewing muscles again, I moseyed down to the colourful and picturesque Colonia Obrera. The sights, … Continue reading A fine day at Aquí No Hubo Escena

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An interview with Joe Volume


1) Hey Joe, what’s up? What’s new in your world?

Hey, that feels like an odd question at the time cuz honestly everything has changed, and I’m afraid that lots of aspects of my life have taken a turn for the worse. First up I got attacked in my apartment, which opened up a court case trial. I had a pending arrest and subsequent trial I had to get done with. Which really wasn’t a big problem except for the hefty fines I’d to pay to the fine Metropolitan Courthouse and the Los Angeles Police Department. Short after that my kidney collapsed and I had to swear off a lot of things, not booze of course. You know what’s funny? Doc told me I had more damage from eating all the hormone-grown greasy bullshit than actual alcohol damage. So there you go. Then I got thrown into a State Psych-Ward because of another incident, completely unrelated, they actually ended up kind of apologizing for the whole ordeal, but still. Continue reading “An interview with Joe Volume”

Interview : Joe Volume

Joe Volume. Source.

A year ago, we reviewed Joe Volume‘s Lonesome Water, Lonely Sea and got in touch with him to get a few details about life, the universe and country blues. Fast forward a year and we’ve gotten back in touch with him. We ask him about tour life, Los Vincent Black Shadows and his new album, The Sullen Years. Enjoy: Continue reading “Interview : Joe Volume”

Interview – Yokozuna

Source: Yokozuna's Facebook.
Source: Yokozuna’s Facebook.

Exactly a month ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Yokozuna’s rather excellent Quiero Venganza. I quite enjoyed the album and got in contact with Arturo & Antonio Tranquilino, the brothers who make up this band. Quick email exchange and away the questions went, which got answered in less than 24 hours.

Never be said us Mexicans are lazy. Now, for something completely different: Continue reading “Interview – Yokozuna”

Interview – Joe Volume

Back in September, we reviewed the album Lonesome water, lonely sea by Joe Volume, who we’ve been following for a while (both on twitter and music terms). The last few months seemed to have been a rollercoaster in the life of this musician and we wanted to drop him a couple of questions by email. Without any further ado, this is how it went down:

Continue reading “Interview – Joe Volume”