Review: Grails – Chalice Hymnal

There is an urban myth that did the rounds about a few years ago. It concerns the editor of the incredibly well informed and, some would say, most on the ball fanzine to be found among  the cast aside chip papers and club flyers on the pavements of Devonshire Green. The story goes that said editor disappeared for 36 hours and was found clutching his … Continue reading Review: Grails – Chalice Hymnal

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Grails – Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 4,5,6


A full moon appears beyond Manners Wood and starts to ascend in an arc that will shed silver light into my room. I know that this full moon, just like every other,  will disturb my sleep pattern and bring strange dreams. Continue reading “Grails – Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 4,5,6”

Politics = Apocalypse

Grails – Deep Politics

The skinny: Jekyll and Hyde.

The review proper: Another Grails‘ corker of an album.

Stream – ‘Deep Politics’

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