Interview – Gazelle

Absinthe Blind. We haven’t reviewed this band properly (something is in the backburner – stay tuned), but suffice to say, it’s one of my fave bands of all time. I actually listened to them for the first time a year ago and I got hooked entirely. They are connected to another of my all time fave bands, Headlights (also writing something about them…) and thanks to the magic of twitter, I got in touch with Adam Fein, ex-singer of Absinthe Blind and now one half of Gazelle (the other half is Mr. Jeff Dimpsey of National Skyline and Hum fame).

We reviewed Gazelle’s album a while ago and we just had to get in touch with Mr. Fein for  a few questions regarding the past and the future… Continue reading “Interview – Gazelle”