Interview – The Twilight Sad

One of our all time fave bands is The Twilight Sad. Between the great lyrical work and an ever evolving sound that mutates from release to release, it’s like finding the right author and relishing on the books released, each one brimming with atmosphere and strong emotions.  Continue reading “Interview – The Twilight Sad”

Interview – The Twilight Sad

Here’s a no-brainer: We love The Twilight Sad here at the site (specially the Frog and his Pals, as you can see from the illustration by our pal Miller) and The Wrong Car 12″ has blown our socks off all the way back to the shop we nicked them from (a goal in life complete, I guess).

We decided to send the band a couple of questions by email, which were answered by James (vocals) and Andy (guitar). We’ve already interviewed them in July, after their show in Tramlines, and now the time was ripe for a spot of catch up…

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Mother’s milk

Gregory and the Hawk – Leche

Listen to Olly Olly Oxen Free while you read this review

The day starts and I walk under rainy and grey skies, quite unusual for a city like this (Mexico). As I always do, I carry my earphones and mp3 player to forget the city I’m walking through, so my ears won’t hear any unnecessary malaise. This time I chose Leche, the name given to the latest piece of dream by Gregory and the Hawk.

I have found the 3 previous albums by Gregory and the Hawk honest, creative, sweet and heartbreaking, always with that touch of magic the aura of Ms. Goudreau gives to every one of her songs. Magic is just one click away! I turn on my mp3 player, and colors start spreading all around me.

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