Interview – Firesuite

It was the week after their Tramlines triathlon, but Firesuite were not taking a single moment off. They had new songs to practise and old songs to fine tune. They are in a corner room at Stag Works and after fiddling with some pedal settings and joking for a few moments, they proceed to rip out a few tunes.

We then go into the main courtyard, a couple of cigarrettes are lit, a few brews, ranging from ales to beers, are opened and a lot of questions are fired towards Firesuite. Wait, who are they? Well, they are Christopher Anderson (guitars, voice), Sarah Griffiths (guitar, voice), Chris Minor (bass, keyboards) and Richard Storer (drums). Christopher’s brother is taking photos and video, while a friend of the band, Stu, is also present. Stu plays keyboard during live renditions of ‘Sci-Fi Lullaby’.  Continue reading “Interview – Firesuite”

The spirit of 71

The year is 1971. The narrator is a young man, let’s call him Anthony Curtis, and he’s back from the horrors of Vietnam, longing for his life in the land of the free, home of the brave. The soul food, his old pals, the streets he grew up on and honestly feared he wouldn’t see again during each mortar attack from the VC.

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Wake up to … American Analog Set

Beautiful, utter beautiful song. The sound of the living room when you were a kid and you had no one to talk with while the adults relished their minutiae and social rituals. The pile of gifts that weren’t meant to you and you imagined what could be inside. The relatives who you saw one or two times in your life and you hear about them … Continue reading Wake up to … American Analog Set

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Soundtrack of our lives

Hauschka – Salon des Amateurs

Stream – ‘Sunrise’

There are times where the human capacity for amazement goes to lethargy and would be rarely woken up, only by lights coming from dreams; these lights would come up in different shapes through any of our five senses. Luckily for me, this glow invaded my ears like a shot into my blurry time.

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