Peace in the Park 2012

EDIT: There was a spot of a misunderstanding. “Shithole of a site” refers to Sloucher, not the festival.

“Why the fuck would I want to go to Peace in the Park, panzón? No Renegade Brass Band and no Screaming Maldini equals no mojo and no Orestes, geddit?”

A solo review, then. For all the haranguing that one does in life, it seems that when things go your way, the results vary from what you expected. Aye, fortune cookies are getting weirder.

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One fine day at Peace in the Park 2011…

Peace in the Park 2011 was held at the Ponderosa park in Sheffield. The free event included many a local act, with volunteers asking for money for a wide variety of charities. The music was good, the food range was exquisite and the bathroom lines were infinite. A beautiful day filled with great music, here’s a few of the many talents that played that day. Continue reading “One fine day at Peace in the Park 2011…”

Rhyme, reason and the new wave of iphone poetry

Captives on the Carousel album launch @ Riverside Café pub.

With musical guests Andy Doxfield, Gina Walters, Carl Woodford and The Mother Folkers. Poetry by Sarah Thomasin, Mark James and Ollie Francis.

It was a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon at Riverside Cafe, where the atmosphere felt like a big family reunion. The sort of reunion where southern hospitality food is the menu of the day and where everyone seems to be getting along just fine. It might be idyllic, but I saw it on a Cameron Crowe film, so it has to be truth. On that note, Cameron Crowe’s films have always great musical choices and that’s my only tenuous link between him and this gig, where the musicians and the poetry in the midst felt like a small mixtape you get from a good friend.

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