Answers on a postcard please – An interview with Keith How

As the artist Keith How prepared to leave for his latest exhibition in Finland,we realised there was no time left to do a leisurely interview. Questions on a postcard seemed a good idea. I found a postcard in my random postcard drawer that included two aspects of the exhibition, ceramics and a red thread. Keith’s paintings are the missing link.

I posed the questions on a postcard but I didn’t expect Keith to limit his replies to one and I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading “Answers on a postcard please – An interview with Keith How”

These days (or janitor of lunacy)

Sometimes I find the connections a bit too overwhelming. Six degrees of separation and all that. Back in the early 80s, I had returned from working in Casablanca to Manchester, and I got involved in the music scene there again. I used to do the door at various venues for Alan Wise, a promoter and manager, and for Factory records. I was working on the door the night the Hacienda opened, though I don’t appear in 24 Hour Party People. Continue reading “These days (or janitor of lunacy)”