Review: The Fervor – Bleeder

Back when Arise, Great Warrior came out in 2011, the short album felt like an epic tale of dark Gothic Americana songs mixing the sound of seedy dive bars and supernatural tales from the deep South. With Bleeder, the storytelling feels more nuanced, so what once were strokes of ocher and dark yellow are now shades of aquamarine with emerald green brushstrokes. This subtlety is … Continue reading Review: The Fervor – Bleeder

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Interview – The Fervor

Photo: The Fervor’s Facebook.

Wow, has it been a year already since we reviewed The Fervor‘s Arise, Great Warrior ? Well, it’s been a little more, but we certainly enjoyed the album (link!). What’s a website to do but manage to squeeze in their very busy days (they’ve been playing a lot of shows) and managed to get an interview via email with Ben Felker, who handles guitar and some additional voice duties. He also impersonates Warren Beatty. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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